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This was a piece produced as an overview of the
1999 - 2000 “It’s Time For Clarity” advertising
campaign.  The video was created as a showcase
for the advertising work.


“It’s Time For Clarity”

This video was created as the opening roll-in to all of KPMG’s Audit Methodology training globally.  It was shot on three continents in two weeks with employees and partners from around the world.  Filmed in a Q&A fashion, the story was assembled in post-production and segmented into KPMG’s three strategic priorities.

Global Audit Methodology

KPMG was committed to becoming an Employer of Choice.  As such, its people were a priority.  Given two days, no budget, and 75 pictures to work with, the task was to convey a warm family like community and show the amazing amount of initiatives accomplished in one year by the Montvale offices.

Although not the most technical video I have produced, the communications value of this video for the Montvale office was immense.  A standing ovation from 700 people took us into the opening remarks from the Office Managing Partner.

Montvale Town Hall Opener

This video/motion graphics piece was the introduction of the business strategy proposal to a global beverage company.  The piece was used to set the “mood” of the product concept, followed by the on-screen presentation of the proposal and relevant research to back the proposed strategy and concept.

Naturally Sweet “Mood Board”

This video was the opening of the Global Energy Conference,  KPMG’s largest external industry gathering.  It begins with a recap of the prior three years of current events (since the inaugural meeting in 2003) and takes attendees into the present day situation within the oil & gas industry and capital markets environment.  The video concludes with industry comments from Arthur Leavitt and James Baker.

Global Energy Opener

Opening Day 2 of the conference, this video covers highlights from Day 1, current industry events in the news, interview footage from the prior day’s attendees on their views of the current state of the industry, and final comments by former president George H.W. Bush. Filming took place throughout Day 1 and was edited through the night to make the opening of the next morning at 8:00AM.

Global Energy Opener - Day 2

Full versions of all videos are available upon request

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