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This site was designed to showcase some of my work through the years and give you some insight into who I am and what I can accomplish for you.

I am a senior visual communications professional specializing in a multi-channel approach to
effectively convey executive communications. 
My expertise is in translating complex business communications into sexy, easy to understand visual representations.  A team player, I am a motivational leader with a proven track record of leading high performing teams in delivering multi-channel
visual communications that support leadership's achievement of its business goals and objectives.
I believe in a hands-on approach to project and people management to assure that no details are left undone. 

Through the last decade I have worked directly
with C-level executive leadership nationally & internationally to successfully communicate their strategy, initiatives, and goals in a clear, concise and cutting edge manner.  The work product on this site
is an example of what I can bring to your company. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for coming to my website.

Christopher P. Harrer

(201) 873 - 2168 - M