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Award-winning creative brand management and marketing communications professional with 12+ years experience successfully enhancing corporate identity and strategy through leveraging a variety of multimedia platforms.  Effective leader with innate ability to manage and motivate high performing teams.  Additional areas of expertise include:  Digital communications; corporate presentation creation; executive coaching; process streamlining; script writing; web-based communications; C-level talking points; strategic planning; and budget development and management.

ZYMAN GROUP, LLC | Atlanta, GA (2007 - 2008)

Director, Visual & Graphic Communications

Zyman Group is the premiere management consulting firm focusing on taking a scientific approach
to developing transformational marketing strategies and solutions resulting in top line revenue growth.  Recruited by the President & CEO to lead the firm’s visual identity as it relates to branding,
communications, and marketing.  Responsibilities included:

-  Manage activities and creative direction of Zyman Group’s Visual & Graphic Communications
  team including visual development and representation of strategic plans and client
  deliverables as key components.

-  Serve as consultant on the firm’s first strategic communications project, which included the
  revitalization of the client’s brand essence and creation of strategic plans and relevant tools for
  client to implement its brand essence throughout its 39 subsidiaries.

-  Translate customized strategy development into visual representations and drive
  implementation of brand standards, particularly as it relates to the firm’s intellectual property.

-  Re-brand the Firm’s identity in the marketplace, including revitalizing the brand’s essence and
  demonstrating the value proposition as a relevant differentiator among our competitors.

-  Refine CEO communications, particularly new business development outreach and internal
  update materials from content and graphic perspectives.

-  Direct and manage print production for all client deliverables.

-  Mentor and motivate staff to ensure continued growth, professional development
  and productivity.

Selected Accomplishments:

-  Directed the development of a communications toolkit for a Fortune 500-sized client, including
  messaging, tools, and phased roll-out plan.

-  Created new brand identity for Zyman Group’s market-facing collateral, including working with
  IT department to distribute templates and customized MS Office toolbars.

-  Pioneered the development and use of visual “mood boards” to create an emotional tie that would
  “sell-in” various clients’ strategies and plans.


Professional History:

-  2004 ACE Award recipient for overall production excellence from NY/IABC.

-  Built, managed, and motivated high performing teams.

-  Designed, developed and created new global brand presentation platform for
  international distribution.

-  Pioneered the development and implementation of a C-level audio/visual communications
  strategy in support of becoming a
Fortune “Top 100 Best Places to Work”.

-  Worked with leadership to develop means of clearly communicating strategy firm-wide.

-  Translated company strategy into a visual representation.

-  Planned, developed and implemented a world-class professional audio/video edit suite,
  resulting in a first year production savings of over $350,000.

Selected Accomplishments:

KPMG LLP | Montvale, NJ (1999 - 2007)
Associate Director, Sponsorship, Events & Multimedia (2001 – 2007)

Manager, e-Services (1999 – 2001)

Supervisor, Interactive Media (1999 – 1999)

Brand Management

Responsible for the presentation of KPMG’s brand at external sponsorships and events as well as
internal meetings and events.  Provided strategic marketing counsel and leveraged all communications
channels within the event environment.  Assured quality and brand integrity in communications
channels and marketing events.  Created and identified opportunities to raise brand awareness and
demonstrate professional excellence.

Marketing Communications

Built, staffed and directed activities of KPMG’s first Multimedia team for Marketing &
Communications of which presentation and digital media development were key components.  Responsibilities included directing the development of global brand presentation platform used by
KPMG International leadership and 148 member firms globally.  As a result, served as global
contact for ensuring brand compliance in all multimedia materials. 

For the U.S. firm, translated firm strategy into visual representations and marketing materials;
driving implementation of presentation and digital media standards, particularly as it relates to the
firm’s most important strategic initiatives.  Managed the creative development of marketing initiatives including brochures, direct mail & e-mail campaigns, co-sponsorship marketing programs, etc.
Mentored staff to ensure continued growth, professional development and productivity.


Oversaw the development of digital media for internal and external clients as a relationship
management tool, along with the marketing of intellectual property in a cutting edge manner. 
Researched all emerging multimedia technology and made recommendations for adoption of
multimedia platforms globally.  Developed and created all audio and video messaging from the
Office of the Chairman for multiple channel distribution.  Designed and implemented full event
production including staging, sound, video, lighting, presentation development and show flow. 
Managed the MSO (Meeting Services On-line) platform, staff, and vendor relationship for all
on-line training and multi-regional meetings for the firm nationally (400+ meetings per year).

Selected Accomplishments:

-  Designated the U.S. point person for PowerPoint template development during the creation
  of the new global branding standards.

-  Chosen to work with global leadership as presentation director for KPMG International’s
  Global New Partners Program and the International Partners Meeting.

-  Served as ex oficio member of the Marketing & Communications International Steering Group.

-  Planned, developed and implemented a world-class professional audio/video edit suite internally,
  resulting in quicker turn around and a first year production savings of over $350,000.

-  Developed and managed leadership presentation and keynote preparation for annual Americas
  Partners’ Meeting 2002 – 2007 and served as point person for external production company,
  working with them to ensure integrity of brand.

-  Served on Sponsorship, Events & Multimedia leadership team.

-  Developed processes for tracking demand and for receiving client feedback on projects.

-  Managed internal and external teams in the delivery of streaming video messaging firm-wide.

-  Produced high impact audio and video CD/DVD communications in high pressure environment.

-  Resolved a wide variety of problems relating to executive, employee, and client activities.

-  Developed ongoing operational processes and relationships with external vendors.


Headed up operations for one of the largest grossing movie theatre complexes in North America,
with revenues exceeding $6 million annually.  Interviewed and hired personnel totaling 110
employees.  Prepared and processed employee payroll.  Developed and executed training techniques
to maximize employee productivity.  Determined proper placement for all POS marketing materials.
Resolved emergency problems both on and off-site.  Interacted with customers on daily basis through
verbal and written communications.  Implemented new goals and objectives at corporate events & management meetings.  Recorded, calculated and controlled all inventories.  Managed all computer
operations and maintenance for New Jersey District office.  Supervised NT network operations and
maintained all networking at this location.

Selected Accomplishments:

-  One of three managers to receive a perfect company audit and achieve top 4 audits in
  corporate history.

-  Won National Nestea Iced Tea Marketing Promotion, 1993.

-  Won Honorable Mention Award for Disney’s National Hercules Marketing Promotion, 1998.

Professional Awards:

-  2004 ACE Award recipient for overall production excellence from NY/IABC.

-  First ever winner of MAX award – KPMG’s Marketing & Communications Award for Excellence;
  received three additional MAX awards.

-  Presented with 8 Encore – Standing Ovation awards, KPMG’s highest award for
  outstanding achievement.

-  Also received 4 Encore – Bravo awards and 3 Applause awards.

-  Built and motivated world-class staff of four professionals that have been awarded
  7 MAX awards, 21 Encore – Standing Ovations and 7 Bravo awards.


B.A., Communications, 1992
Concentration: Communications in Media
Minor: Business Administration

Computer Skills:


Macintosh, PC computers, Digital video decks, Beta SP decks, Folsom switchers, sound boards
& mixing consoles, CD/DVD duplication systems and various music equipment including:
Akai Samplers, Lexicon, Roland, Korg, Proteus, Alesis effects and sound modules.


Windows & Macintosh systems, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator,
InDesign, Flash, After Effects, Cut Pro HD Editing Suite, DVD Studio Pro, Live Type,
Quicktime 7 Pro, Heuris MPEG Professional, Media Press Suite, Bias Peak, Digital Performer,
Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Acid Loops, MSO (Meeting Services On-line), WebEx,
Mark of the Unicorn Systems, Digidesign Systems.

References available upon request

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ACH CREATIVE | Atlanta, GA (2008 - Present)

Sole Proprietor, Creative Director

ACH Creative specializes in strategic visual communications that create memorable visual
messages that remain top of mind. Our primary competencies are in executive presentations,
brand identity, print collateral, and video – online as well as film. Successful execution of these
efforts requires the active participation of both client and consultancy as we concept, create, and
direct the brand and its message. As a result, we develop ongoing relationships with our clients
by attending to branding as an organic, essential facet of their organizations. Clients include some
of the top brands in the financial services, health & wellness, hospitality, high-tech, executive
recruiting, and construction industries.